We are a non-governmental organisation with the goal of uniting the representatives of Latvia’s interactive gambling industry.

The Latvian Interactive Gambling Association’s role is to present a united industry opinion to the governmental sector, maintain constructive communication with the legislature in working on the drafting of the regulatory framework, and to represent the interests of the association’s companies. We propose creating an open and fair market for all licensed Internet gambling companies in Latvia. We believe that Latvia’s population must receive services from regulated and responsible online gambling companies.

We are working to cultivate the image of a contemporary, technologically advanced and socially responsible industry, as well as to promote sensible consumption of Internet gambling.


To define the interactive gambling industry.

To introduce standards that promote a fair and socially responsible interactive gambling industry environment.

In collaboration with governmental bodies and the legislative framework, to optimise the laws and regulations regulating the interactive gambling industry, with the aim of reducing the shadow economy within the industry and promoting fair competition.

To support governmental bodies and the legislature in the battle against unlawful foreign interactive gambling service providers, in order to, firstly, protect Latvia’s population against aggressive and irresponsible commercial activity, and, secondly, to ensure payment of the necessary taxes.

To provide a platform for mutual communication, where industry representatives can exchange information, discuss the industry’s development and resolve strategic issues.

To provide the association’s members with legal advice on the regulatory framework, tax policy and customer data protection, etc.

To provide representatives of industry companies with a platform for mutual communication.

To define the industry’s image within the public information space.

The interactive gambling industry is innovative and the industry is rapidly developing in terms of technology. Companies operate in conditions of intense competition and their operations are transparent. Both internationally and within the Baltic market, the industry is rapidly developing, which affects both businesses and clients. Oftentimes, the changes are too rapid, as a result of which the laws and regulations that regulate the industry’s operations become outdated. The association’s founders believe that in order to attain optimal regulation of the industry, this must be achieved by the responsible governmental bodies in cooperation with industry representatives, based on the positive examples of Estonia, Denmark and other European Union member states.